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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why consider French Immersion?
Immersion is the most effective method of learning another language. Graduates of Immersion programs are

able to communicate comfortably in the target language, while maintaining fluency in their first language.

2. Is French Immersion for any child?
French Immersion is open to any student starting Grade 4. A successful French Immersion student generally
demonstrates the following characteristics:

• Expresses him/herself well
• Has strong skills in his or her first language
• Enjoys language activities
• Has a good memory
• Is confident
• Enjoys new challenges
• Has strong study habits

To find out about your child’s suitability for the program, you may wish to contact your child’s current teacher

or the administrator of the French Immersion school in your area.

3. How do I find out more about French Immersion?
Parents who want to know more about the program are encouraged to arrange a visit with one of our French
Immersion schools. A visit offers parents the opportunity to see French Immersion classes in action and to

meet the teachers, school administrators, and students who are involved in the program.

4. Will my child’s English skills be affected?
Research shows that bilingual children are flexible thinkers and effective problem solvers with a well-developed

sense of language. Second language education significantly strengthens first language skills in areas of reading,

vocabulary, grammar and communication skills.

5. Is student transportation available?
Transportation is available on existing transportation routes. Information regarding your child’s transportation

can be obtained by calling Tri-Board Student Transportation Services at 1 866 569-6638.

6. How can I support my child even if I don’t speak French?
Parents of French Immersion students may have few or no French language skills but can support their child in

a variety of ways. To support your child in French Immersion:

• Promote effective study habits
• Provide a structured learning environment for homework
• Have your child explain homework and share what he/she has learned
• Invest in a good French/English dictionary and a book of verbs
• Make French books available in the home
• Expose your child to French outside of school through the arts and French cultural
events in the community
• Consider taking a French course for adults
• Contact Canadian Parents for French (www.cpfont.on.ca) for more information

As in any classroom, program support is provided through differentiated instruction. However, more intensive

support using Special Education resources is not available in French.


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