HPE Learning Foundation

  • Welcome to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation!

    Vision – All students have the support needed to realize well-being and success.
    Mission – We fundraise to provide programs and services that help students overcome barriers and succeed in school.

    The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation accomplishes its mission by working with volunteers, teachers, principals, school staff and donors to provide philanthropic support for an entire spectrum of enhanced learning opportunities for students.

    The Foundation has provided support for:

    • School Nutrition Programs
    • The Arts
    • Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair
    • Student Emergencies
    • Project Enhancements
    • Student Literacy

    The Good Backpack Program – Stuff The Bus

    This is our first Campaign for the program, and we’re excited to be able to build on the great work of the United Way Team. Our goal is to grow the Good Backpack Program, and provide backpacks to more students at no cost. Supplies greatly needed include, binders, lined paper, pencils, pens, dividers, rulers, lunch bags and water bottles.

    We want to encourage community members to come to Staples on July 11th, to make purchases for the program and to have pictures taken with the Parkhurst School Bus.

    Donations of school supplies can be made at Staples Belleville from July 11 – Aug. 11 2017.

    The purpose of the Good Backpack Program is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate completely in their education, regardless of their family’s financial status or means.

    For more information please contact Maribeth deSnoo, Executive Director, The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, 613-966-1170 ext. 2205

    The Good Backpack Program

    Will you make a difference?

    Explore our Gift Catalogue (Pdf) to see ways you can help students in Hastings and Prince Edward counties overcome barriers and succeed in school.

    gift catalogue

    Request Form – 2017-2018 (Pdf)

    Expense Form – 2017-2018 (Pdf)

    Changes to The Good Backpack Program (Pdf)

    Good Backpack Program 2017-2018 Request Form (Pdf)

    Have you heard of The Great Canadian Giving Challenge?

    Happening all June, every dollar you donate to our charity

    qualifies us to win $10,000!!!

    Get all the details at

    ~~ NEW ~~Pre-Authorized Debit Form (Pdf)~~ NEW ~~

    ~~ NEW ~~Payroll Deduction Form – fillable (Pdf)~~ NEW ~~

    Student Emergency Fund Campaign!

    Fill in the Donation Card here! (Pdf)

    Say YES to Good Food in Schools!

    Will you Say YES to Good Food in Schools?

    Geoff Cudmore, Past Chair of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation has said YES and you could too! Throughout the South East region of Ontario, people are speaking out and showing their support for good food in Student Nutrition Programs.

    We want you to Say YES to Good Food in Schools by taking a photo with a Say YES speech bubble.

    For more information on how you can support Say YES to Good Food in Schools, please contact

    613-966-1170 ext. 2378


    Geoff Cudmore, Past Chair of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation

    Len and Olive Black Memorial Fund

    The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund supports students facing financial hardship, and who:

    Require assistance with purchasing materials and items to allow them to fully participate in courses, levelling the playing field for all students (i.e. specialized welding glasses for technical courses, character shoes for music theatre courses, suitable shorts and shoes for gym classes, art kits for art classes, etc)

    Would like to pursue post secondary education and need assistance with the application fee.

    The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund will be a separate and distinct category within the Student Emergency Fund.

    Student Emergency Fund

    The objective of the Student Emergency Fund is to give immediate assistance to Students, and perhaps their families, by providing financial aid and/or gift-in-kind support. This funding could be used to purchase items such as eyeglasses, EpiPens, medical supplies, food and clothing, transportation, to subsidize field trips, or to assist with additional financial needs that result from family crises (fire, flood, layoffs, illness, etc).

    For more information please contact:

    Maribeth deSnoo, Executive Director, 613-966-1170 extension 2205,


  • Board of Directors

    Susan Sweet, Chair
    Email: Car21@symatico.ca
    Steve Gatward
    Email: gatwards@hastingscounty.com
    Geoff Cudmore, Past Chair
    Email: gcudmore@cogeco.ca
    Frank Gielen, Honorary Director
    Email: jointeft@kos.net
    Elaner Pound
    Email: elaner.pound@sympatico.ca
    Tony Guerrera
    David Clazie, Treasurer
    Email: davidc@quintewest.ca
    Darren Matassa, Honorary Director
    Email: darrenm@955hitsfm.ca
    Maribeth deSnoo, Executive Director
    HPE Learning Foundation
    Email: mdesnoo@hpedsb.on.ca
    Mandy Savery-Whiteway
    Email: msavery-whiteway@hpedsb.on.ca
    Dr. Elizabeth Churcher
    Email: elizchurcher@hotmail.com
    Al Stitt
    Email: landastitt@cogeco.ca
    David DeMille
    Kevin Vance
    Email: kvance@vancemotors.com
    Caroll Henessey
    Email: carollh4@gmail.com

  • Contribution Information

    Gifts that will live forever…

    Most of us would like to be remembered for making

    a significant contribution to our community. Whether you have moved here recently or have lived here

    all of your life, it is the people around you who have brought you joy and purpose in your life.

    When planning your estate, it seems fitting to put something back into the community which has supported you.

    A gift to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation is one way to show your appreciation and contribute to the education of your family, friends and neighbours.

    Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board serves more than 16,700 students each day at 46 elementary and eight secondary schools. Supporting student achievement is the goal of close to 1,800 teaching and support staff who, in addition to the contributions of caring volunteers and community partners, provide the best opportunity for students to learn. The district covers a wide geographical area of 7,221 square kilometres bordered by Maynooth to the north, Deseronto to the east, Prince Edward County to the south and Quinte West to the west.

    Vibrant schools are one of our communities’ greatest assets, the true value of which can never be

    matched in dollars and cents. A philanthropic gift will benefit generations of students throughout

    Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

    There are many ways of planning an effective gift from your estate. With careful thought and sound

    advice, you can make a gift which will benefit your community and have a positive impact on the tax

    status of your estate.

    The following links outline the basics of several different types of estate gifts. For further information,

    please contact The Learning Foundation.

    Types of Donations:

    A Gift in Kind

    The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation Gift In Kind Policy
    What is a Gift-in-Kind?

    A gift-in-kind (GIK) refers to a gift of property other than cash.

    We would be pleased to provide a thank you letter confirming your gift. Please forward us a description and value of your gift.

    Income tax receipts for gifts in kind

    It is also possible to receive an income tax receipt for a gift-in-kind donation. A charity can issue a tax receipt for the Fair Market Value of the gift-in-kind on the date it was donated.

    Contributions of services (time, skills and effort) are not receiptable because services are not considered to be property.

    The Fair Market Value is the highest price, expressed in a dollar amount, that the property would bring, in an open and unrestricted market, between a willing buyer and a willing seller who are both knowledgeable, informed, and prudent and who are acting independently of each other.

    If you would like an official receipt for income tax purposes, we require the following documentation:

    • Gifts of artwork, collectibles or items of a unique nature must be accompanied by a recent independent appraisal, regardless of value.
    • For all other gifts-in-kind, we require INDEPENDENT documentation of the Fair Market Value but not necessarily an appraisal. For such gifts greater than $1,000, we reserve the right to seek a secondary source of Fair Market Value documentation or an appraisal. If your gift if valued at greater than $1,000, please contact the Foundation at least 3 weeks prior to the donation date to discuss the documentation required.


    All costs associated with obtaining an appraisal are the responsibility of the donor. Alternatively, if you do not require an official receipt for income tax purposes, we would be pleased to provide a thank you letter confirming your gift. In this situation, independent, written documentation of Fair Market Value is not mandatory.

    Other points:
    Certain gifts-in-kind are not necessarily receiptable, such as gift certificates donated by the issuer and future discounts on purchases. If in doubt about your gift, please contact your Foundation representative. Fair Market Value does not include amounts payable to others, such as commissions to sales agents or sales taxes like the GST and PST.

    If you plan to make a gift of property, any capital gain you have made on the property will be subject to tax.

    For more information please refer to CCRA or seek professional advice.

    If you are an artist or art dealer:
    Any donated works of art from your business are considered to be a disposition from inventory. You can elect a value for the donation, subject to considerations of the Fair Market Value and cost. See the CCRA pamphlet P113 Gifts and Income Tax.

    If you are a business donating inventory:
    You can deduct the original cost of the inventory as a business expense and therefore you will not lose the tax benefit associated with the transfer of property.

    Or if you wish to receive an official tax receipt, you must include the Fair Market Value of the donation into income (RC-4142). Because the amount of the deduction related to the official tax receipt is offset by the income inclusion, there is no net benefit to the business as a result of having received a tax receipt.

    If you have any questions regarding income tax receipting and our policies, please contact your Foundation representative.

    Valuation For Official Income Tax Receipts

    What are the actual CCRA rules for Gift-in-Kind receipting? A charity should have a gift-in-kind appraised before it can issue a tax receipt to the donor. The appraiser must be independent of the donor or the charity. However, if a member of the charity’s staff is familiar with the property in question, he/she can perform the appraisal if:

    • The value of the gift is $1000 or less
    • An independent appraiser cannot reasonably be located
    • The appraisal involves unreasonable expense, even though the value of the gift might be more than $1,000

    What constitutes adequate due diligence and documentation? This is the gray area of CCRA. Our practice is to err on the side of caution, but maintain flexibility so as not to frustrate a donor. Decisions regarding the nature of documentation required rest with the Chair of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation,and in his absence, the Executive Director.

    A Special Trust Fund

    As another option, you may wish to establish a Trust Fund with your gift. A “trust” allows you to assign interest income to your loved ones during their lifetimes. Upon your death and that of any beneficiaries, the capital is transferred to The Learning Foundation. Income may be directed to a particular area of education or left to the discretion of The Learning Foundation Board for determining its use.

    An Annuity

    An Annuity is similar to a Trust Fund with the income paid to yourself during your lifetime. This allows you to make a significant monetary gift and continue to receive income from that amount. You would also receive an immediate tax receipt based on the final estimated value of your gift. Consistent income and tax advantages are the benefits of this form of giving.

    Life Insurance

    A less common but very practical method of making a significant contribution to education is through a life insurance policy. The advantage to you and your family is that an insurance gift does not interfere with your primary assets and does not impact on your Will.

    The simplest method of using life insurance to make a gift is to donate a paid up policy, making The Learning Foundation a beneficiary of a policy which you already fully own. Often individuals will take this route when the original beneficiary is no longer in need of insurance support, i.e. when your children are fully grown and supporting themselves, or when you and your spouse are already comfortably protected. In this case, a tax receipt can be written for the full cash surrender value of the policy.

    If you prefer, you can take out a new policy with The Learning Foundation as the owner and beneficiary. In this case, all premiums paid become tax deductible, as a donation. It is best to contact the Foundation when setting up this sort of policy so that arrangements can be made for income tax receipts.

    Memorial Gifts

    The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation can be designated as a recipient of memorial gifts while making funeral arrangements. Memorial gifts can also be designated to specific uses within education. Upon the death of a loved one, families may request that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to The Learning Foundation. Special memorial cards are available in most area funeral homes for this purpose.

    In Loving Memory “For the Love of Learning”

    Your donation to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation in memory of a loved one, friend, or colleague extends beyond an expression of sympathy. Your gift helps provide enhanced learning opportunities for our children – our future.

    Please send your tax deductible donation to:

    Mailing address:

    The Hastings and Prince Edward

    Learning Foundation Education Centre
    156 Ann Street,

    Belleville, ON

    K8N 3L3

    Phone: +1 613 966-1170 x2205

    Your Will

    Making a bequest through your Will is the most common, and straightforward way to arrange a planned gift. We encourage you to use professional assistance to prepare your Will and avoid complications.

    You may choose to provide for a specific sum or percentage of your estate to go to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation upon your death. You may also make a “residual” bequest which, once all other beneficiaries have been taken care of, would leave the balance of your estate to The Learning Foundation.

    Sample Wording
    Should you wish to leave an unrestricted gift, the suggested wording is:

    “I give, devise and bequeath to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation the sum of $__________ or __________ percent of my estate (or the residue) to be used for any purposes approved by the Board of Directors of the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation”.

    If you wish to specify how your gift is to be used, the suggested wording is:

    “I give, devise and bequeath to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation the sum of $__________ or __________ percent of my estate (or the residue) to be used for the following purpose(s):” (set out purpose.)

    A Gift of Property

    Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation Donor Policy
    Subject: Gift Acceptance

    Statement: The following provisions are designed to assist potential donors to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation to determine how a proposed gift will be evaluated by the Foundation.

    The Nature of Property Given to the Foundation

    1. Basic Form of Property Accepted: The Foundation routinely accepts only property that is readily marketable at reasonable cost. That refers to cash, deposit instruments of a government in Canada or financial institution, publicly traded securities, policies of life insurance, or any other property that is property that the Foundation may invest in consistently with its investment policies.

    2. Acceptance of Other Forms of Property: The Foundation recognizes that donors will occasionally wish to give it property that is not described in the previous paragraph, such as real estate, private corporation shares and residuary interests in trusts. While the Foundation is generally pleased to accept gifts, it has to be careful to evaluate whether there may be hidden costs in accepting such property. It therefore reserves the discretion to decline a gift of property because of the nature of the property that is being offered to it. Matters that the Foundation will take into account are:

    – The likelihood that the value of the property will be a matter of differing opinions. The Foundation does not wish to become unnecessarily entangled in valuation disputes with Revenue Canada.

    – The possibility that the property will not sell in a reasonable period of time.

    – The potential carrying cost and environmental risk associated with owning the property.

    – The potential for controversy associated with owning the property.

    – Whether a satisfactory arrangement can be made with the donor with respect to the absorption of the costs of valuation, maintenance and disposition. As a general rule, the Foundation expects the donor to bear the costs associated with the settlement of the gift on the Foundation and the issuance of a receipt therefore, which includes the cost of valuation; and will charge the proceeds of disposition of the gift, rather than its other funds or its general operating expenses, with the costs of maintenance and disposition of the property.

    3. Source of Property: The Foundation also reserves the right to refuse to accept property the origin of which may bring the Foundation into disrepute.

    4. Timing of Issuance of Receipt: The Foundation cannot issue a receipt for a gift until it is legally the property of the Foundation, and must issue a receipt for the value of the property as of the date that it becomes the Foundation’s property. To facilitate the transfer of property (such as publically traded securities) that has a variable value, the Foundation works with donors’ brokers, employing a book based transfer (BBS). When this is not possible, the Foundation uses its accounts at all major investment dealers.

    5. Subsequent Use of Property: Absent an express agreement made with the donor concurrently with the transfer of property, the Foundation does not make any representation that by accepting a gift it will retain the property or employ the property for the same purposes as it was used by the donor. For example, absent an agreement, if the Foundation acquires a residence as a gift, it will not retain it as an office or a retreat, but will sell it and invest proceeds in accordance with its investment policy.

    The Process of Dealing with the Donor

    6. Confidentiality: Any information learned by a representative of the Foundation about a donor or proposed donor that is not required to be public will be treated as confidential unless the donor advises otherwise. From time to time, donors will also request the Foundation to treat their gifts as made anonymously. While the Foundation must through at least one officer know who is making the gift, it makes its best efforts to respect such requests.

    7. Donor Recognition: The Foundation is prepared to provide donors with recognition in a degree consistent with the recognition afforded donors of gifts of similar magnitude, immediacy of effect and degree of restriction.

    8. Informed Donor: The Foundation encourages donors to work with their own professional advisors in making gifts. It will not solicit or accept a gift from a donor unless it is satisfied that the donor has a bona fide intention to donate to charity and has a proper understanding of the consequences of making the gift, the work of the Foundation and the uses to which the gift capital and income will be put.

    9. Preference For Agreements: The Foundation prefers to work with donors to develop agreements with respect to the name, nature and use of their gifts at the time the gift is made. A gift, the terms of which are expressed unilaterally (such as a gift made by a Will), may occasionally create some difficulties for the Foundation in that it will not have an opportunity to work with the donor to make the gift more practical from the Foundation’s standpoint.

    The Use That is to be Made of the Gift

    10. Donations: The principal mission of the Foundation is to raise, administer and distribute earnings from funds that are:

    – held on a semi-permanent or endowed basis

    – as a result of annual campaign gifts.

    The Foundation exercises broad discretion as to whether or not to accept such gifts and may charge an administrative fee in respect thereof up to 15% of the value of the gift.

    11. Restrictions On Gifts: The Foundation is particularly interested in receiving gifts for endowment purposes in respect of which the donor has directed the Foundation in general terms, rather than in particular terms, how the income from the gift will be employed.

    For example, a gift to be employed to support the School Board , rather than to support a particular department, will be preferred; and a gift will be preferred to one that is earmarked to a specific area. However, the Foundation welcomes gifts for all manner of charitable purposes, and will not decline to accept a gift merely because earnings derived there from are to be allocated in a specific manner.

    12. Benefit To Donor: The nature of any charitable gift is that a donor cannot expect material consideration, financial benefits or opportunities (or other persons not at arm’s length) to flow from the gift, not, after the gift has been made, to direct the Foundation as to how it must apply the earnings from the gift. A donor may, however:

    Establish, at the time the gift is made, limitations on the uses to which the gift may be put. For example, a donor may specify particular charities or charitable purpose for which a gift may be used. He or she may subsequently may waive or loosen such restrictions.

    Advise the Foundation from time to time how he or she wishes the earning from the gift to be applied.

    14. Application of Administrative Policies: The Foundation adopts policies from time to time that impose administrative charges on its endowment funds, settle the manner of investment of the funds, and determine the appropriate portion of funds to distribute for charitable purposes or retain as capital to protect against erosion by inflation. Absent any more precise agreement with the donor overriding these general policies, the Foundation will apply its policies equitably to all funds under its control and may amend such policies on a continuing basis.

    15. Nature of Donor’s Charitable Purpose: The Foundation does not seek to pass judgment on the value or merit of the donor’s proposed application of the earnings from a gift, so long as the earnings are applied to a charitable purpose. It will, however, communicate all information at its disposal to a donor about the proposed recipient of the earnings.

    16. Preservation of Donor’s Purpose: Should the Foundation ever be wound up or become incapable of administering a fund to fulfill a donor’s purpose, the Foundation will employ the best possible efforts to ensure continued application of the fund to the purpose originally contemplated by the donor.

    17. No Benefit To Individuals: The Foundation applies the earnings from its funds only to benefit charitable organizations. It does not benefit individuals directly, even if the activities they undertake are charitable in nature.

    Effective date: October 16, 2003.

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    Other Donors

    Thank you to our donors

    Builder Level $50,000+

    Colleague Level $25,000 to $49,999

    • Ameresco Canada Inc.
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    • CIBC
    • Dor-Ann Homes Ltd.
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    • Hastings County Childrens Services
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  • Press Releases

    September 19, 2007

    September 5, 2007

    April 25, 2007

    April 14, 2007

    February 22, 2007

    November 21, 2006

    September 11, 2005

    November 8, 2005

    October 20, 2005

    June, 2005

    May 2-6, 2005

    Back to Books campaign supports literacy and puts books in school libraries

    Learning to Read, Reading to Learn

    This is the message behind a new campaign designed to put books in school libraries. The Back to Books campaign, launched by the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, is the first of its kind in Ontario. The goal of Back to Books is to raise $1000 per grade for all 54 elementary and secondary schools within the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB). The overall campaign goal is $400,000.

    “Our Back to Books campaign will invite community, corporate,service club and individual philanthropic support” says Maribeth deSnoo, Executive Director of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation”

    It is anticipated that the campaign will come to a successful conclusion at the end of this school year. One of the final phases will be a community-wide mailing throughout Hastings and Prince Edward counties,” she adds.

    As children’s author David Bouchard noted during a recent presentation in Belleville, great books will encourage students to read. If these books can be easily found within our school libraries, the benefit is obvious. The Learning Foundation is

    committed to supporting literacy and to providing funds to purchase quality books and reference materials that enhance school libraries.

    Initial gifts to Back to Books include a $10,000 donation from CIBC and a $5,000 donation from Mark Tripp and his Slush Puppie company.

    The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation is the registered charitable foundation established by the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board to enhance public education by raising money for services and initiatives that could not otherwise be offered by the Board.

Student Emergency Fund

Read the latest version of Chalk Talk:

The HPE Learning Foundation

Partnering opportunities for our students (Pdf)

Fundraising Application and Agreement

Fundraising Agreement Pkg (Pdf)

Student Nutrition Program South East Ontario

South East Region

For more information on Student Nutrition Programs in South Eastern Ontario, please click on the Progress Report below.

The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation

Planned Giving

For information regarding the planning of your estate and how to donate to

The Learning Foundation

view our two-page brochure (Pdf).

Maribeth deSnoo
Executive Director

Phone: +1 613 966-1170 x2205

Fax: +1 613-968-1038
Email: mdesnoo@hpedsb.on.ca

Mailing Address:
The Learning Foundation
156 Ann Street
Belleville, ON K8N 3L3