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K-12 Support for Digital Learning
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Semester 2 e-Learning Courses

EMS3O - Media  Studies - Grade 11 Open

EWC4U - The Writer's Craft - Grade 12 University Prep

HHS4U - Families in Canada - Grade 12 University Prep

MCT4C - Mathematics for College Technology - Grade 12 College

*Contact your Guidance Teacher for more information


E-Learning Ontario is the branch of the Ministry of Education that oversees the Provincial e-Learning Strategy.  This strategy provides all Ontario school boards, schools and students with access to valuable digital learning opportunities and resources in four different areas: E-Learning, Blended Learning, Homework Help and Digital Resources.

Online learning is quickly becoming an important part of education in all pathways, including college, university and in the workplace. E-Learning courses may allow for more flexibility in a student's timetable and may allow students to access courses that will complement their timetables but that are not available in their school. All e-Learning courses can be used towards a student's graduation requirements.

E-Learning requires the same time commitment as a traditional day-school class. However, the method of delivery allows for flexibility in the schedule, and students may choose to complete the course work outside of the traditional school day or traditional school environment. It is not required that the students and teacher are working on the course at the same time. However, the course will follow the same semester start and end dates as a traditional face-to-face class, and there will be timelines for completing tasks, assignments and other assessments within the course.

The Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) currently offers a variety of online courses taught by qualified teachers who provide innovative, relevant and engaging eLearning experiences. All e-Learning courses meet the same curriculum requirements of face-to-face classes, as set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

In addition, the HPEDSB is a member of the Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC). This organization is made up of a number of Ontario school boards who have agreed to open up their e-Learning courses to students from all member school boards.  This provides even more opportunities for HPEDSB students to access courses that best meet their needs and their interests. 

Some of the other tools that eLearning Ontario offers include:

  • Blended Learning - allows classroom teachers to combine face-to-face and online learning for all students in Kindergarten to grade 12 using the provincial Learning Management System.
  • Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) - a password-protected website with teacher-shared resources for grades K to 12 including lesson plans, videos, activities, maps and interactive multimedia searchable by grade, course/ subject, overall expectations and keyword.
  • E-Community Ontario- a password-protected website where Ontario teachers can communicate, share insights and effective practices with colleagues.

The HPEDSB provides access to e-Learning and Blended Learning through its Digital Learning Homepage. Visit below for additional online tools such as Homework Help, Learn 360, TurnItIn and more.

E-Learning options are available to all students registered with the HPEDSB in both secondary schools and Continuing Education. For more information on e-Learning opportunities, students should contact their school's guidance counsellor.

Additional Resources

Ontario Ministry of Education e-Learning Strategy

E-Learning Ontario: The sky is the limit! Digital education - Kindergarten to Grade 12 (PDF, 2.76 MB)



*****NEW 2012-2013 Resources for Homework Help*****


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How to register your students

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Teacher Handout:

How to register your students

Student Handout:

How to register as a student

Funny Video Link:

Homework Help Video (OCDSB)

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Grade 9_10 Crossword Answers

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Grade 10 Academic Scavenger Hunt

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Black History Month Resources

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