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Elementary Athletic Association
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Junior By-Laws


Junior Basketball
(pdf)    (word)
Tournament Skills Template

Cross Country *Same as Intermediate*

cross country Cross Country Rules
(pdf)     (rtf)


Relays *Same as Intermediate*

relay 100 x 4 Relays *Includes Registration Form*
(pdf)     (rtf)
Long Distance Relays
(pdf)      (wpd)

Soccer *Same as Intermediate*

soccer Soccer
(pdf)     (rtf)

arrow Soccer Rules (FIFA) (pdf)

Track and Field *Same as Intermediate*

track By-Laws - Track & Field
(pdf)     (rtf)

forms Track & Field Entry Forms
(pdf)      (wpd)

Three Pitch *Same as Intermediate*

baseball Three Pitch
(pdf)     (wpd)


Junior Volleyball
(pdf)      (wpd)

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