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Celebration of Dance gets kids moving and grooving!
April 27, 2006, Belleville, Ontario—Next Wednesday, more than 6,000 children will converge on the Belleville Fairgrounds for the 15th annual Celebration of Dance. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 will move, groove and jive to 15 traditional and upbeat dances.

Each year, schools are invited to submit songs and dances to a planning committee. This approach involves students from the creation of the program through to the rehearsals and participation on event day. In some schools, dances are rehearsed as part of the health and physical education curriculum or drama and dance programs. In others, dances are learned through extra-curricular programs offered during lunch or after school.

“Celebration of Dance continues to be a way of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle through daily physical activity. The premise that health and learning are inextricably interconnected combined with an increasing focus on health, especially physical activity, is very important to enhance the conditions for learning,” remarks the event’s co-ordinator, Nancy Popovich.

The Ministry of Education’s mandate for all students to have 20-minutes of daily physical activity has provided an opportunity for more students to become active and Celebration of Dance is a fun way to make this happen. This event is another way to reinforce the link between physical activity and character development.

The song list includes a mix of country, funk and dance music such as: Up!, Smile, Move It, YMCA and Cotton Eyed Joe, with dances ranging from the cha-cha, to the hokey-pokey and funky matador. These dances accommodate all ages and ability levels.

“It’s pretty awesome to see a sea of 6,000 people dancing in unison,” adds Popovich.

This event has been recognized by OPHEA (Ontario Physical & Health Education Association) as a great way to promote physical activity during Education Week.

MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA, family, friends and members of the community are invited participate.

Date: Wednesday, May 3rd
Location: Belleville Fairgrounds
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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