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October 1, 2003

Volunteers go apple-picking for FOOD FOR LEARNING!
If an apple is the classic symbol of students, teachers and school days, what does a 20-pound basket of apples represent? A jump-start for school nutrition programs!

Tuesday, October 7, 2003 marks the official launch of school nutrition programs in Hastings and Prince Edward counties. On that day, trustees, principals, staff and volunteers from the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board will gather for a morning of apple-picking at Campbell’s Orchards in Carrying Place. From the bushels of apples picked, FOOD FOR LEARNING will provide each participating school with a 20-pound bag of apples as a jump-start to each school’s nutrition program.

Throughout this school year, FOOD FOR LEARNING programs are being offered in over 50 schools, serving more than 3,500 children each week. Schools have the option of offering either a breakfast program, a healthy snack program or both. FOOD FOR LEARNING provides a nutritious supplement to the diets of children who attend school hungry.

“As a community, we must recognize that there are children in our local schools who go to school hungry. Studies indicate that children’s capacity to learn and their nutrition are directly related,” remarks Judy Edgar, Chair of the Board. “It is hard to focus on learning when your stomach is growling,” she adds.

There is a definite need for school nutrition programs as over 30% of elementary and 60% of secondary students attend school without eating breakfast. Numerous studies have shown that when children are provided with the proper nutrition, there is an impact on their ability to learn, behaviour and academic performance. FOOD FOR LEARNING is striving to ensure that all children in Hastings and Prince Edward counties attend school well fed and ready to learn.

Benefits of FOOD FOR LEARNING school nutrition programs

The importance of having FOOD FOR LEARNING in local schools

For information, contact:
• Judy Edgar, Chair of the Board, (613) 921-3203
• Kellie Brace, FOOD FOR LEARNING Co-Ordinator, (613) 966-1170, ext 2232, or 1 800 267-4350