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Growing with Character
Eight Character Attributes
Equity and Inclusive Education
Parents and Community Engagement
Safe and Healthy Schools
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Parent & Children


Safe Schools

Look at How We Are


Safe and Healthy Schools

Student Discipline: Bully Prevention and Intervention, Procedure 378 – schools are to develop and implement a school-wide progressive discipline policy which includes bully prevention and intervention plans.

 Safe Schools Teams: every school must have a Safe Schools Team composed of staff members, parents, community members and students where appropriate and are responsible for school safety, for the ongoing implementation and monitoring of prevention and intervention programs and procedures related to bullying and developing school improvement plans to address the results of the School Climate Surveys.

School Climate Surveys: are administered every two years and provide an opportunity for input from parents, students and staff with results used to make improvements as needed.

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week in November: school communities throughout Ontario partner with community organizations to plan events to raise awareness about strategies for preventing and eliminating bullying in schools.

Child and Youth Counsellors: are a school-based resource to support students and their families. CYCs provide advocacy and counseling services within the school setting, striving to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to develop to their fullest behavioural, social and emotional capabilities.

Restorative Practices: within the school setting, Restorative Practices has been shown to be an effective way to to repair the harm caused by offending behaviour  while holding the person accountable for his/her actions. Training and support has also been provided for classroom circles, a preventative, community-building philosophy aimed at reducing conflict.

Community Threat Assessment Protocol , Procedure 385: describes a process  to assist school board and community agencies to collaboratively respond to the highest risk behaviours in children and youth.  


Healthy Active School Communities: schools are participating in this comprehensive school health program designed to improve health and well-being of children and youth.














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arrow Character Development in Action (pdf)

arrow Finding Common Ground: Character Development in Ontario Schools, K-12 (pdf)

arrow Guide to Character Development (pdf)

arrow Ministry of Education website

arrow Online resources for students, parents and guardians, and educators.



We demonstrate concern for self and other.  We show empathy and express genuine concerns.  We consider the long term effect of our actions.


We work as a team for a common good.  We value the opinions of others and show a willingness to work together towards a common goal.


We choose to live truthfully.  We communicate and act in a sincere and respectful way.


We celebrate the fun in life.

We lighten the emotions of others by interacting in a joyful manner.


We do what is right for ourselves and others.  We demonstrate values and ethnics that are good for all.  We speak directly, clearly, and respectfully.


We value ourselves, others and our environment.  We give consideration to the thoughts and actions of others.  We treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves, with courtesy and dignity.


We have a sense of duty to fulfill commitments.  We take ownership for our own thoughts and actions.  We are reliable and accountable in our words and actions.


We can be counted on to do what is right.  We instill confidence in one another through our actions.


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