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Board of Trustees for 2014 to November 30, 2018

School board trustees are elected every four years through municipal elections. Their role involves establishing the school board vision, mission and strategic plan; setting policy and budget; and ensuring effective stewardship of the board’s resources. Legal accountability for Board decisions applies to the Board as a corporate entity rather than to individual trustees. Two student trustees are elected each year by the Student Senate to serve a one-year term on the Board.

Trustees may be contacted regarding any questions, concerns or suggestions about the school within their jurisdiction or about education in general.

Student trustees for 2015-2016

Student trustees participate in public school board meetings, represent student opinions at the Board level and participate actively on committees. Through student involvement at the Board level, Board members become aware of student issues and student opinions. Find out more on the Student Senate webpage.

photo of student trustees

Delanie Austin, Quinte Secondary School and Saud Bin Haseem, Moira Secondary School


School board trustee electoral areas and contact information

Tom Biniaris

Tom Biniaris

16 O'Neil Crescent

Trenton, ON K8V 5Y6

Phone: 613-392-7467
Email: tbiniaris@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: Trenton and CFB Trenton

Mike Brant

Mike Brant

P.O. Box 66, 70 Shannonville Road
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON K0K 3A0

Email: mbrant@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Justin Bray


Justin Bray

359 Arthur Street
P.O. Box 465
Tweed ON K0K 3J0

Phone: 613-478-3696
Email: jbray@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: Southeast Hastings

Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb

222 Main Street Box 321
Wellington K0K 3I0

Phone: 613-399-5222
Email: jcobb@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: North Prince Edward

Bonnie Danes

Bonnie Danes

Chair of Operations and Finance Committee

119 High Shore Road

R.R #2, Marmora, ON  K0K 2M0

Phone: 613-472-6107
Email: bdanes@hpedsb.on.ca

Electoral area: Centre Hastings

Mary Hall

Mary Hall

191 Charles Street
Belleville, ON K8N 3M1

Phone: 613-966-4073
Email: mhall@hpedsb.on.ca

Electoral area: Belleville/Thurlow

Dwayne Inch

Dwayne Inch

190 Scotts Mill Road
Milford, ON  K0K 2P0

Phone: 613-476-5174
Email: dinch@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: South Prince Edward

Lucille Kyle

Lucille Kyle

Chair of the Board

41 Crawford Road
R. R. #1
L'Amable ON K0L 2L0

Phone: 613-332-5181
Email: lkyle@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: North Hastings

Dave Patterson

Dave Patterson

Vice-chair of the Board

Representative to the Board of Directors for the Ontario Public School Boards' Association

16 Penny Lane
Belleville ON K8N 4Z4

Phone: 613-403-5648
Email: dpatterson@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: Belleville/Thurlow

Jim Williams

Jim Williams

Chair of the Program and Human Resources Committee

161 Montrose Road
Belleville, ON  K8R 1A4

Phone: 613-966-8055
Email: jmwilliams@hpedsb.on.ca
Electoral area: Sidney & Frankford

Electoral area schools

Belleville and Thurlow
arrow Foxboro Public School
arrow Harmony Public School
arrow Harry J. Clarke Public School
arrow Hillcrest School
arrow Park Dale School
arrow Prince of Wales Public School
arrow Prince Charles School (Belleville)
arrow Queen Elizabeth School (Belleville)
arrow Queen Victoria School
arrow Sir John A. Macdonald School

arrow Susanna Moodie Elementary School

arrow Centennial Secondary School
arrow Moira Secondary School
arrow Quinte Secondary School

South Prince Edward

arrow Athol-South Marysburgh Public School
arrow Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School
arrow Queen Elizabeth School (Picton)

arrow Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Centre Hastings
arrow Earl Prentice Public School
arrow Madoc Public School
arrow Madoc Township Public School
arrow Marmora Senior Public School
arrow Stirling Public School

arrow Centre Hastings Secondary School

North Prince Edward

arrow C.M.L. Snider School
arrow Kente Public School
arrow Massassaga-Rednersville Public

arrow Sophiasburgh Central School

arrow Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

Southeast Hastings

arrow Deseronto Public School
arrow Tweed Elementary   School
arrow Tyendinaga Public School

arrow Centre Hastings Secondary School

arrow Quinte Secondary School

North Hastings

arrow Bird's Creek Public School
arrow Coe Hill School
arrow Hermon Public School
arrow Maynooth Public School
arrow York River Public School

arrow North Hastings High School

Sidney & Frankford

arrow Bayside Public School
arrow Frankford Public School

arrow Bayside Secondary School

Trenton and CFB Trenton

arrow Breadner Elementary School
arrow College Street Public School
arrow North Trenton Public School
arrow Prince Charles Public School (Trenton)
arrow V.P. Carswell Elementary School

arrow Trenton High School


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Fax: +1 613 961-2003

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