To Be Thankful

Good Morning, Everyone!

As we head into a long weekend and one we generally consider as Thanksgiving, I want to offer my own “Thanks” to all of you.

At this point, and as you read this to start your Friday, schools and classrooms have hopefully settled into a routine of learning and provocation. As we close the second week of October we hope our kids have adjusted to new learning environments, a new grade and one with enhanced expectations and outcomes.

And as staff, my hope for you as you begin a well-deserved long weekend, is that you are feeling confident and reassured that your employer, our HPEDSB Family, is headed in the right direction. I also hope you are feeling enthusiasm emanating from our Trustees and your Senior Administration. For myself, and still as the “New Guy” for a bit longer (like maybe a couple more weeks:)), I know I certainly am.

So what to be thankful for???

Well, I suggest we should be thankful for good health; sometimes we don’t have a choice in that and have to accept the hand we are dealt. But if you are in good health, perhaps we need to be thankful for that. If someone close to you is not in good health….be thankful you are and that you are there for them. If you are struggling, personally, be thankful that you need not be alone; your colleagues and your system, you friends are here for you. WE, are here for you.

I offer we should be thankful for Family, who see in us the good and the bad; and cause us to re-calibrate about what is important, and perhaps what is not so important. I would suggest that we are thankful for where we live. I can tell you bringing an experienced perspective from another beautiful part of the province, where we live here in Hastings County, Prince Edward County, and Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory…we are blessed to live in one of the most stunning and gorgeous areas of the country hands-down. I think we should be thankful that in spite of sometimes feeling the day to day struggles and lives of working with and in service of young people, we also work in a first class organization. You work for an organization committed to getting better, and doing better by everyone who entrusts in us their most important asset, their children.

For myself as I head into a long weekend, hopefully spent at camp by a fire and good book, or out on a few remote bush roads looking for birds and maybe even something bigger, I will be reflecting and giving my own thanks.

I am thankful for being here.

There have been many days (in fact almost virtually all of them!) where I have come to work, the office, where I feel like I have won the lottery and am the luckiest guy in the world. I am privileged to be the Director of Education for the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, and after having made it to just over half of our schools already, can tell you without reservation…I have first-class staff in schools and offices anywhere. I am thankful for my staff and the families here who believe in us and believe in a bright future, unrestricted in optimism. I am thankful that you have welcomed me and have energized me to agitate new ideas and opportunities. I don’t care how hard the work is ahead, or how intimidating the challenges we face, I am not going anywhere and we as an organization, are going to take them on.

I could go on and on (and for those unfortunately around me this weekend, I will!), but from myself to all of you I want to say “Thank You.” Now having been here for 3 months, I feel we are into something very cool, very big, and very energizing. I encourage you to share laughs with family and friends this weekend, and some good food and maybe even a ginger ale; but I also encourage you to think about the work we have done and are now about to do. And I offer to you, that you all are going to be part of a new beginning and a journey of change. In this journey, I will need everyone to be strong and brave and unafraid of changes, but assured that there are steady hands at the wheel. My Senior Team are poised for the future, and motivated to work very hard for you and our students; and we will not stop until the job is done. If it is ever actually done.

Yes, there is to be much to be thankful for.

So maybe the best way to sign off, is to say simply that, which one can never say too much of…Thank You.

Take care, and have a safe and terrific Thanksgiving Weekend.


Last updated: November 15, 2019 at 1:15 pm
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