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Elementary Resource programs

Programming emphasis is on literacy, numeracy, self-regulation, social-emotional development, communication and life adaptability skills. Students are provided with programming expectations specific to their learning profiles. Each student has an Individual Education Plan with specific goals, learning expectations, accommodations, and possibly modifications.

Students with more complex special education needs may temporarily benefit from one of the three Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) placement options with the highest levels of support provided in these resource programs:

  • Regular Class with Withdrawal Assistance;
  • Special Education Class with Partial Integration;
  • Special Education Class Full-Time.

In these resource programs, students have access to a teacher with special education qualifications, who is assigned to support a specified number of students (Ontario Regulation 298, section 31). Educational assistants are also assigned to the resource programs.

Each elementary resource program can include a range of exceptionalities, with placement priority for students with significant complex needs requiring the highest levels of support. Students with exceptionalities of Intellectual – Developmental Disability (I-DD), and/or Communication – Autism (C-A), and/or Multiple are typically appropriate candidates for the elementary resource programs.

As part of the annual review process, the location and/or continuation of elementary resource programs are subject to change.

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