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Community planning and partnerships

Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) welcomes community use of school [1] and community partnerships in support of healthy, active lifestyles and sustainable, vibrant communities. The school board’s first responsibility is to ensure student safety and well-being, and to support student achievement.

Cooperative and collaborative partnerships are part of the foundation of a strong, vibrant and sustainable public education system. Partnerships can strengthen the role of the schools in communities, provide a place for programs, facilitate the coordination of, and improve access to, services for students and the broader community.

Programs in place at several schools include the following:

There may be opportunities for facility partnerships when HPEDSB is considering the use of unoccupied space in schools, doing significant renovations at schools, or building new schools.

Procedure 570: Community Planning and Partnership (Pdf) [7] describes the process for establishing a facility partnership with community organizations. It outlines the specifics for partnerships in new and existing facilities where students are taught, and for effectively sharing planning information with community organizations. This procedure is based on the Ministry of Education Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline, 2015.

As per Procedure 570, a public meeting will be held annually to discuss potential planning and facility partnership opportunities with the public and community organizations and to exchange information with interested partners about available space and/or potential co-build projects.

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