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Student trustees for 2022-2023

Three student trustees are elected each year by the Student Senate to serve a one-year term on the Board. Student trustees participate in public school board meetings, represent student opinions at the Board level and participate actively on committees. Through student involvement at the Board level, Board members become aware of student issues and student opinions. Find out more on the Student Voice web page [1].

photo of 2022-2023 student trustees

Student trustees L to R: Lawson Hung, Trenton High School; Shoshannah Spencer, Centennial Secondary School; and Julia Webster, Eastside Secondary School represent the student voice at the Board table from August 2022 to July 2023.

Board of Trustees for 2018 to November 30, 2022

School board trustees are elected every four years through municipal elections. Their role involves establishing the school board vision, mission and strategic plan; setting policy; and ensuring effective stewardship of the board’s resources. School board trustees are elected officials who are responsible for operating publicly-funded schools within their jurisdiction, and for the delivery and quality of educational programs and services. Legal accountability for Board decisions applies to the Board as a corporate entity rather than to individual trustees. See below for their contact information and electoral areas.

School board trustee electoral areas and contact information

Shannon Binder photo

Shannon Binder, Southeast Hastings

Chair of the Board

Phone: 613-827-2709

Email: [email protected]

Mike Brant photo

Mike Brant, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Phone: 613-962-3595

Email: [email protected]

Lisa Anne Chatten photo

Lisa Anne Chatten, Belleville and Thurlow

Phone: 613-919-8448

Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Cobb photo

Jennifer Cobb, North Prince Edward

Phone: 613-399-5222

Email: [email protected]

Bonnie Danes photo

Bonnie Danes, Centre Hastings 

Phone: 613-472-6107

Email: [email protected]

Spencer Hutchison photo

Spencer Hutchison, Trenton and CFB Trenton

Vice-chair of the Board

Phone: 613-965-6054

Email: [email protected]

Alison Kelly photo

Alison Kelly, South Prince Edward 

Phone: 613-403-1697

Email: [email protected]

Lucille Kyle photo

Lucille Kyle, North Hastings 

Phone: 613-334-2898

Email: [email protected]

Krista McConnell photo

Krista McConnell, Belleville and Thurlow

Phone: 613-848-1178

Email: [email protected]

Kristen Parks photo

Kristen Parks, Sidney and Frankford 

Phone: 613-661-3499

Email:[email protected]

Electoral area schools

Belleville and Thurlow (Lisa Anne Chatten, Krista McConnell)

South Prince Edward (Alison Kelly)

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (Mike Brant)

Centre Hastings (Bonnie Danes)

North Prince Edward (Jennifer Cobb)

Southeast Hastings (Shannon Binder)

North Hastings (Lucille Kyle)

Sidney and Frankford (Kristen Parks)

Trenton and CFB Trenton (Spencer Hutchison)