Public Board Meeting Update #139: February 27, 2017

This update provides a summary of the public meeting of Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board held Monday, February 27, 2017 at the Education Centre. It is an unofficial summary of the meeting; official minutes will be approved at the next meeting in March 2017.

Character Moment of Reflection

Each Board meeting opens with a Character Moment of Reflection. At Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, Growing with Character (web page) is our intentional focus on creating safe, caring, respectful and inclusive learning environments where students develop foundation for good character. Growing with Character is the foundation of the school board strategic plan. Through Growing with Character, we model, teach and expect demonstrations of our eight character traits which are: caring, cooperation, honesty, humour, integrity, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness.

For this character moment of reflection, Dave Patterson, Trustee for Belleville/Thurlow showed video comparing cooperation and collaboration.

Presentationsgroup photo

Trent River Public School
The new Trent River Public School in Trenton opened to students on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. This presentation featured a static show of photos beginning with construction in September 2015 to completion in January 2017. Included was a short video showing a tour of the school hosted by Bill Launderville, Principal.

This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Launderville, Lee Prophet, Vice-principal and students Nicole Neale, Noah Poulain-Collins and Ashton Robinson. The students shared their experiences being part of the New School Integration Committee, along with being in the new learning environment now.

“The wi-fi access gives us the world of learning at our fingertips. Some students were nervous about moving in, wondering what it was going to be like at the new school. Students are resilient and the feeling is electric!”

“To know the school was built for us is awesome. It has been a huge chance for us to come together from two schools to one and is shaping us to be Voyageurs today and in the future.”

“We are now one school, 510 students strong. Celebrating together is really cool. We have had two spirit days already and we raised over $500 for the Student Emergency Fund at the Dance Your Heart Out event. In three weeks we have become one school, it is our new home and being there will have lasting impressions on our lives.”

Well-Being: Building a Positive School Climate
As the lead for School Climate & Student Well-Being Services, Laina Andrews, Superintendent of Education made opening remarks about the ways in which schools throughout HPEDSB promote equity, inclusivity and open schools. As the Ministry of Education works toward a definition of well-being of students and employees, today well-being is evident in HPEDSB schools through good morning greetings, sharing and celebrating students and being there to listen when things are rough. It is the positive relationships that we build with students and each other over time that contribute to an organization that is welcoming and can best support student achievement. Andrews presented a video highlighting some of the many examples of these relationships and experiences that prepare and empower students for the possibilities of today and tomorrow.

Report from Committee of the Whole Board

This report included the following:

  • Participation in Education, Research, Development & Innovation Conference.


Capital program financing through the Ontario Financing Authority for Harmony Public School
Board members approved the adoption of By-law 13.9 authorizing the borrowing of $592,269 through the Ontario Financing Authority to finance a portion of the construction of Harmony Public School.

The Ministry of Education requires all school boards to participate in the long-term financing arrangements for eligible capital programs through the Ontario Financing Authority (OFA). Once the long-term financing has been set, the Ministry will reimburse boards for their actual principal and interest costs associated with the long term financing. Funds will flow from the OFA to school boards in March 2017. The principal amount eligible for financing is to reflect the value of work for permanent improvements undertaken prior to August 31, 2016 under the eligible capital projects. School boards have been required to finance construction costs on a short term basis until the provincial government arranges for long term financing over a 25-year period.

Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board has one project eligible for long term financing. The construction of Harmony Public School was financed in part through the Ministry’s New Pupil Places Program.


Calendar of events
A number of district and school events (Pdf) are scheduled for the remainder of February and March 2017.

Upcoming events include the following:

  • Kindergarten registration at all schools
  • March 6 – 8: OFSAA Boys Basketball at Centennial Secondary School
  • March 6 – 12: Random Acts of Kindness Week at Quinte Secondary School
  • March 8: Junior Boys and Girls Soccer Tournament at Madoc Public School or Stirling Public School
  • March 22: Public Meeting #2 for the Centre Hastings Accommodation Review
  • March 23: Vision and Hearing Screening by Lions Club, Madoc Public School
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) at all secondary schools
  • Various dates: Parent-Teacher interviews

Report from the Chair
Highlights from this report included the following:

  • review of policies as part of the regular review process.

Report from the Executive Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

  • Letter from HPEDSB to Dr. Richard Jones, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Education Quality and Accountability Office regarding the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Report from the Student Enrolment/School Capacity Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

  • an update on the accommodation review processes in Belleville, Centre Hastings and Prince Edward County.

Report from the Operations and Finance Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

  • capital program financing by-law, mentioned above;
  • update on the Marmora Senior Public School addition and renovations;
  • trustee expense report; and Quinte Regional Science & Technology Fair.

Report from the Program and Human Resources Committee

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • professional learning and leadership offerings through Curriculum Services; and
    a review of an updated programs and services reference document.

Report from Staff
Highlights from this report included the following:

  • 2017-2018 Budget timelines. The Ministry of Education has set June 30 as a deadline for school boards to submit budget estimates for the coming school year. In order to meet this deadline, the Ministry of Education will need to release the Grants for Student Needs in a timely fashion. In past years these announcements have been made by March 31. Grant announcements later than this date can compromise the budget development process. Senior administration has developed a budget task analysis with timelines for the 2017-2018 budget. They reflect the key milestones required to compile revenues and expenditures in order to meet the June 30, 2017 deadline.

Report from Student Trustees
Highlights from this report included the following:

  • attendance at a recent conference of student trustees from around the province; and
  • participation in an online Student Senate meeting using Google Hangouts.

Report from Trustees

  • $4,000 raised by North Hastings High School for the Student Emergency Fund during the Dance Your Heart Out event.

Upcoming meetings

All meetings take place at the Education Centre and are public unless otherwise noted.

  • Monday, March 6: Executive Committee, 11:00 a.m.
  • Monday, March 20: Student Enrolment/School Capacity Committee, 3:30 p.m.
  • Monday, March 20: Program and Human Resources Committee, 5:30 p.m.
  • Monday, March 20: Operations and Finance Committee, 7:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, March 23: Special Education Advisory Committee, 5:00 p.m.
  • Monday, March 27: Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

For more information, please contact Kerry Donnell, Communications Officer, extension 2354, [email protected]

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