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Public Board Meeting Update #136: November 21, 2016

This update is a summary of the public meeting of Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board held Monday, November 21, 2016 at the Education Centre. It is an unofficial summary of the meeting; official minutes will be approved at the next meeting.


Showcasing learning at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute
This presentation highlighted excellence in programming, school improvement focus areas and the aspects of Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (web page) [1] that distinguish it as a true community school. Presenters shared stories about the school mission, as well as the caring, welcoming learning environment. From experiential learning to practical/life skills programs, students participate in programs and activities to become globally minded learners and leaders. Partnerships with community organizations expose students to the Arts, cooperative education and dual credit programs (secondary school and college-level courses). Numeracy, literacy and well-being are focus areas for all students. The Prince Edward County pride was evident when PECI welcomed a Syrian family to the school community. The connection to the community extends beyond the school day through numerous extra-curricular activities, fundraising events, collections for the food bank and numerous other events.

PECI team presenting Group photo
Thank you to Darren McFarlane, Principal; Therese McMahon, Vice-principal; Lisa Fraser, Student Success Lead Teacher; Heather Munroe, Head of Special Education; and Matt Ronan, Head of Guidance.

Report from Committee of the Whole Board

This report included the following:


2015-2016 Audited Financial Statements
Board members approved the Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ending August 31, 2016. They reflect the board’s financial results for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

2015-2016 capital expenditures
During the year the board spent $12,505,932 on capital asset acquisition/construction. These expenditures are funded through a variety of sources, including capital priorities, school condition improvement, and school renewal grants.

2015-2016 operating results
The audited financial statements result in an in-year surplus of $506,426 and a corresponding in-year deficit for Ministry of Education compliance reporting purposes of $2,567,840. The deficit for compliance purposes exceeds the permitted amounts by Ministry guidelines. The original budget plan forecast was balanced with neither a surplus nor a deficit. When the Revised Estimates for 2015-2016 were submitted to the Ministry, the forecast was for a deficit for compliance purposes of $1.7 million and, subsequently, the board has been instructed to develop a multi-year financial recovery plan.

The deficit is due to an increase in projected expenses that included increased costs for the Administrative Services Only benefit plan, staff replacement, transportation, and legal work. As well, there are significant unplanned costs associated with an arbitration award and an increase in Workplace Safety and Insurance Board actuarial liability.

2016-2017 Policy review
Policies are reviewed every three years to ensure they are still relevant and have been implemented effectively. Changes to legislation and new guidelines also necessitate updates to current policy.

Board members approved revisions and updates were made to the following policies to comply with legislation or regulations:

Textbook/novel approval
Board members approved textbooks/novels, as described below:

Borrowing resolution
Board members approved authorizing the borrowing of a sum of up to $21,000,000 from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, in order to meet short term borrowing requirements for various capital school improvements. These projects will include critical improvements to ensure student safety and improve energy efficiency, such as roofing, HVAC, and electrical and plumbing systems. It will also significantly improve more visible elements of schools that affect students’ well-being and public confidence, including flooring, walls, ceilings, playing fields and more. This funding is in addition to an existing investment of $1.6 billion over the next two years to ensure Ontario’s schools are in a good state of repair.

Recommendation to conduct accommodation reviews in the City of Belleville, Centre Hastings and Prince Edward County
Board members approved recommendations to conduct accommodation reviews for several City of Belleville schools, as well as schools in Centre Hastings and Prince Edward County. Accommodation reviews happen through the school board, with public input, to determine the future of a school or group of schools. Accommodation reviews follow a very specific schedule over about seven months.

Proposed accommodation review for the City of Belleville
Option 1 (the preferred option)

Option 2

Proposed accommodation review for Centre Hastings

Proposed accommodation reviews for Prince Edward County

Proposed trustee representation on committees for 2017
Trustee membership on committees will be determined at the annual Board meeting on Monday, December 5, 2016. To facilitate this process, trustees were asked to indicate their 2016-2017 committee preferences in advance of that meeting.


Calendar of events
A number of district and school events (Pdf) [3] are scheduled for the remainder of November and December 2016.

Upcoming events include the following:

Report from the chair
Highlights from this report included the following:

Report from the Executive Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

Report from the Student Enrolment/School Capacity Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

Report from the Operations and Finance Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

Report from the Program and Human Resources Committee
Highlights from this report included the following:

Upcoming meetings

All meetings take place at the Education Centre unless otherwise noted.

For more information, please contact Kerry Donnell, Communications Officer, extension 2354, [email protected]