Moira SS student awarded $48,500 for Canada’s best science fair project

Congratulations to Justin Whitaker, a Grade 12 student at Moira Secondary School, for being awarded the highest honour at Canada Wide Science Fair. His project, Bio-Binding: A Microbial Precipit-Action, was the top prize at the national event.

Whitaker received $48,500 in awards in the form of scholarships and monetary prizes.

Description of Justin Whitaker’s Bio-Binding: A Microbial Precipit-Action project
An artificially induced particle cementation via microbial induction of soil samples was produced using specific urease positive microbes. In a calcium rich, water prone soil environment these urease positive microbes work effectively under harsh pH conditions and room temperatures to produce a binding particulate matrix in the soil. This system can eliminate liquefaction susceptible soil deposits during cyclic loading produced by earthquakes.

Justin Whitaker biography (from Canada Wide Science Fair submission)
I am a Grade 12 student at Moira Secondary School in Belleville, Ontario. Science is my great passion! The pursuit of higher education is an endeavour that I intend to fully participate in, with marked enthusiasm. The key to realizing this journey, for me, is to focus not only upon scientific achievements, but also to appreciate the vast wealth of community opportunities to discover all new things; in theory and application. I have actively contributed to school events such as the 30 Hour Famine and Moira River Clean-up, which focus on earthly-proactive projects. Through my high school, I am doing a semester rotation through Quinte Health Care, and I am in an outdoor education program; allowing me to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. I love to mentor others. I am currently a senior mathematics and science tutor to fellow students. My passion is rooted in science with an eventual goal to enrich, those in need, as a cardiac surgeon. I have interests in life sciences and engineering. I may, one day, build a robotic heart! The pursuit of scientific knowledge inspires me to explore and expand on innovative science that will enrich our future.

Johnathon Butler, a Stirling Senior Public School student, also participated in the national event. Through his project, Aquifer Recovery, he built a model aquifer and contaminated it with red food dye. Water was then used to flush the contaminate from the aquifer until it came out clear. Various amounts of contaminate were used to find the ratio of water to contaminate.

Johnathon Butler biography (from Canada Wide Science Fair submission)
I am a kid that is involved with everything. Weather it is cross-country, soccer, basketball, swimming, chess, piano or science fair. I used to be on a swim team, but now I regularly participate in triathlons. I am a straight A student and with these marks I am hoping to become an engineer, just like my grandfather was. When I was in grade 6 I came 3rd in a national remembrance day poster contest. That same year I got a visit from my town’s mayor presenting me with our towns redesigned pin. I was the first person to get one.

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Last updated: July 20, 2017 at 9:31 am
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