Centre Hastings students involved in a documentary

Grade 12 students at Centre Hastings Secondary School were recently involved in a documentary about Canadian poet R.D. Patrick. The writer spent time with the Writer’s Craft class to talk about his poetry passion and how it came to him late in life, at age 48.

Students were engaged in learning from Patrick, especially asking him questions about his writing style, his experiences and his inspirations.

The documentary is being filmed by David Malty, Ampersand Film & Video Productions Ltd., a Madoc company. Maltby has been travelling with Patrick for several months. He was interested in filming the interaction between the writer and students in order to round out the documentary. 

Teacher Kate Primeau was thrilled to entertain the offer for a visit.

"The timing was perfect. My class was starting the poetry section of the course. Being able to offer them a chance to interact with an accomplished writer fit right in," remarked Primeau.

Film-maker Maltby is planning to produce a 10-minute documentary after paring down the hours of footage, and will then approach educational television and networks with it.

A newspaper story with additional details is posted online.

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Last updated: April 21, 2011 at 10:48 am
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