Bill Lundy recognized as an exemplary educator

Bill Lundy earned the designation of SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE). Bill is a teacher by trade and currently works in the Information and Technology Services Department at Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. Bill is an expert on how to use SMART Boards and implement this technology in classrooms and with children. He also supports mathematical literacy through technology.

The SEE program recognizes educators around the world who are using SMART products to transform teaching and learning.

“I decided to apply for the SEE program because I have a friend and colleague in the Toronto area that got the designation,” said Bill.

To become a SEE, one must use SMART products in inventive ways to improve learning results, complete an application that highlights commitment to developing effective educational practices and sharing them with other educators, submit a video of them self presenting part of a SMART Notebook lesson activity that they created, and provide a letter of reference from a school administrator.

A professional educator since 1971 and since 2008 he has worked with SMART Boards. In his spare time he has also served as a teacher of vessel navigation, land navigation, first aid, leadership, other computer technologies and computer skills tutoring.

Bill said, “I view teaching as something that is part of my fabric.”

His greatest enjoyment comes when he sees teachers for whom he has started the ball rolling turn around and uses their expanded skills with other professionals.

Bill considers this a particularly rare and valuable honour from SMART, as it provides recognition for his efforts in the fields of both content creation and peer education. Bill has shared his knowledge and expertise both provincially and internationally. He has created a presence on the web with the SMART Exchange as well as a recent Webinar co-hosted with Dr. Marian Small.

Considering there are a million SMART Boards out there in classrooms around the world, SEE’s appear to be a rare breed.

“I know that when I was at the recent SMART 3C conference two weeks ago, out of the 200 people present, I was the only one who identified himself as a SEE, including their presenters,” said Bill.

In addition to becoming a SEE, Bill entered the Smart Exchange Content Challenge and placed ninth in the top twenty from Canada. Bill submitted a SMART Notebook mathematics lesson and as a contest finalist, his lesson is available for download on the SMART website.


Pictured: Bill Lundy, ITS department.


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Last updated: September 10, 2019 at 1:41 pm
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