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Bayside Secondary students are eager to see “The Hunger Games”

Students at Bayside Secondary School will be attending an advance screening of the movie The Hunger Games on Friday, March 23. The book version of this three-part series is popular with boys, girls and adults. It is about a young woman who lives in a post apocalyptic world and who is forced to compete to the death in order to win a year’s worth of food for her district.

The 88 students are in Grades 9 to 12. Some are studying the science fiction genre in their media class and will be practising their filming skills by producing a video about this excursion. Others are in the White Pine Reading Club and will be discussing whether the film is an accurate portrayal of the book at their meeting next week. The group also includes the students in the school who have read the series.

According to teacher Karen Morrow, the interest in this series is overwhelming.

“The fun thing about this reading phenomenon is that both genders and all grades and pathways are into this series. I have not been able to keep the books on the shelf. We also have the e-versions available on our eight Kobo readers and the White Pine reading members have been borrowing them. It’s been fun as well because I’ve heard from students whose parents and even grandparents have been reading the books, too. When I mentioned the trip at our Grade 8 Parents’ Night I had a positive reaction and some envious moms and dads!” remarked Karen Morrow.

Bayside Secondary School [1]provides a dynamic learning environment to approximately 850 students. BSS excels in many different areas, including academics, athletics, arts, technology and student leadership. The school vision statement is “A community promoting excellence in achievement by engaging learners in a relevant challenging curriculum which prepares them for the future.”

Bayside is home to the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board French Immersion program. The school offers other specialty programs, including International Studies, Communications Technology and EcoBound, a unique multi-credit package for senior students, as well as the most extensive Advanced Placement program in the area.

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