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Exploring the Pandemic Portraits of HPEDSB

Director of Education, Katherine MacIver
Katherine MacIver, Director of Education

I am pleased to share Pandemic Portraits, the 2021 Director’s Annual Report. While I have the privilege of writing this introduction as the new Director of Education, this report represents the combined effort and commitment of 2,200+ employees throughout the organization. It is the leadership of not one, but many, that makes our system strong and enables us to learn together.

The past twelve months will be recognized as a unique year in education history. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the school year was spent in and out of in-person learning and constantly attending to safety concerns, including masking, sanitizing, cohorting and isolating. Students and staff started the calendar year learning remotely, returned to in-person and then back to remote learning due to virus spread. Through the combined efforts of our staff, students, families and communities, we returned to in-person learning in September, with access to extracurricular activities and relaxed cohorting.

As disruptive as it was, the pandemic is not what we remember most. Rather, we acknowledge the resilience and fortitude of our students and staff who ensured that learning happened in any and every delivery mode. We celebrated the learning progress students made in reading, mathematics and credit accumulation. Clearly, this past year focused on equity, access and well-being. We continued to address each through lenses of equity of opportunity, access and outcomes for all students, no matter the circumstances.

We returned to school/work last fall to re-engage, recover and reimagine learning in our schools and workplaces. Students and staff were welcomed back to in-person learning and scaled down virtual learning. They re-engaged with one another to build classroom and school communities after being apart for so long.

Since joining HPEDSB in July 2021, I can say with confidence that all staff are caring, dedicated professionals. Educators know their learners and provide classroom activities that recover and reinforce key learning. Support staff are at the ready each and every day, contributing to student achievement through their unique roles.

I invite you to review our Pandemic Portraits, to see for yourself the incredible educators and students of HPEDSB—people who have met challenges and surpassed expectations; schools that have come together to strengthen community, and staff who continually go above and beyond no matter their role, to ensure students have welcoming and inclusive spaces in which to learn, be inspired and achieve.

I reflect on 2021 through the lenses of resiliency, flexibility, collaboration and character. It was an historic year that is captured here for your viewing.

Enjoy exploring our Pandemic Portraits.

Katherine MacIver
Director of Education

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