Re-imagining investments in schools

More opportunity for fun with the new Marmora Public School playground

Being active outdoors and having equipment to play on can be the highlight of a student’s day. At Marmora Public School, something delightful happened this fall, when the school received three separate play structures for K-8 students, along with swings and new benches.

Principal Steve McFadden said he was “awed, humbled, inspired and shocked” by a community that came together to build a playground in a school yard that hadn’t had equipment for more than a decade. He reflected on his first visit to the school, prior to taking over the role of principal two years ago.

“The one thing I noticed instantly was that we had no playground equipment,” he said. “It’s such an important part of a school.”

new playground ribbon cutting ceremony
Adults L-R: Principal Steve McFadden; Early Childhood Educator Christa Maloney; School Council Chair Holly Walker; Vice-principal Jason Carman; and Teacher Wendy Bateman cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the school’s new playground with a group of young students.
3 children on a slide
Avery Abraham, Evan McNab and Emmerson Walker try out the new slide.
four children on playground equipment
Sophia Miners, Evan McNab, Avery Abraham and Aurora Abraham play on the new school equipment.














To help fund the $166,000 project, donations came from several local organizations, including the Marmora Crowe Valley Lions Club, The Marmora Boosters, M.A.R.S, the Marmora legion, and organizers of the Marmora and Area Canoe and Kayak Festival, along with local businesses, and countless volunteers. The school raised $75,000 towards the cost. Next steps include enhancing the track and adding outdoor shade structures.

The new Central Hastings School

school entranceOn September 7, 2021, the newly named Central Hastings School (CHS) opened as a K-12 school. This revitalized learning environment amalgamates two schools: Madoc Public School, which closed at the end of June 2021, and Centre Hastings Secondary School, which served students in Grades 9-12. Principals Kim Reid and Dayna Scaletta, both of whom were at the two schools previously, share responsibility for leading the school. The total September CHS enrolment was approximately 800 students.

In March 2018, HPEDSB received $5.8 million in Ministry of Education funding, with an additional $2.7 million in April 2020, to consolidate Madoc Public School and Centre Hastings Secondary School to create a K-12 school. The project involved constructing a two-room Kindergarten addition, as well as renovations within the school and improvements to the school grounds. 

The newly renovated school and playgrounds have been well-received by the close-knit school community as adaptable and dynamic spaces for students of all ages to enjoy as they progress through their educational journey in Central Hastings.

CHS Kindergarten classroom
Kindergarten classroom with HEPA filter
Buddy bench in the CHS playground
Buddy bench in the elementary playground
CHS stairs
Student climbs an educational staircase
CHS secondary students
Secondary school students Adelaide, Natalie, Ethan and Jack enjoy a break outside








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