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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees for 2014 to November 30, 2018

School board trustees are elected officials who are responsible for operating publicly-funded schools within their jurisdiction, and for the delivery and quality of educational programs and services. Legal accountability for Board decisions applies to the Board as a corporate entity rather than to individual trustees. Two student trustees are elected each year by the Student Senate to serve a one-year term on the Board. Trustees may be contacted regarding any questions, concerns or suggestions about the school within their jurisdiction or about education in general.

Articles: Understanding the role of a school board trustee

March 2015: History and purpose [1] (pdf)

April 2015: Purpose of Board meetings [2] (pdf)

May 2015: Establishing the board’s purpose, vision and goals [3] (pdf)

June 2015: Developing and adopting policies [4] (pdf)

Student trustees for 2014-2015

Student trustees participate in public school board meetings, represent student opinions at the Board level and participate actively on committees. Through student involvement at the Board level, Board members become aware of student issues and student opinions. Find out more on the Student Senate webpage [5].

Cameron Barry, Student Trustee [6] Alyssa Mifflin, Student Trustee [7]

Cameron Barry

Student Trustee

Centre Hastings Secondary School

Alyssa Mifflin

Student Trustee

Centennial Secondary School